12 Count Case   | 3 4-Packs   |   11 FL OZ (325ml)


Let’s be honest, Nature had a pretty good idea with milk.  Milk is high in nutrients and proteins to fill you up, help you recover, and keep your body strong and moving.  Science tried to improve it further by adding artificial ingredients, chemicals, and exorbitant amounts of sugar to make a product that many feel is more harmful than healthy.

We think nature has more to offer.  So, we fired the chemists and hired Nature to be our product formulator. Together we made FitPro Go!  This revolutionary new fitness milkshake is the only one in its class to have earned the coveted REAL Dairy certification.  How did we do it?  Simple, we just used milk.

Through the most natural means available we filtered fresh milk to separate out most fats, sugars and all the lactose to get a cleaner protein shake, free of questionable ingredients, and unneeded fats. Our Strawberry Flavor captures the jammy sweetness and strawberry freshness of a small town diner milkshake. By using only natural sweeteners like stevia, monk fruit and organic cane juice it satisfies your body's desire for sweets and sustenance. With FitPro Go! you get everything nature intended and nothing it didn’t.

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