Self-Fund Your Workout

Superior performance comes from unlocking energy stored in internal fat sources. By improving oxygen efficiency, you can Self-Fund™ your workout while increasing endurance, focus, and motivation.

The typical method for improving endurance was by flooding cells with sugary drinks. Muscles suck up glucose, but so do fat cells, canceling out all your hard work. Science now reveals that plant combos can be more ergogenic than man-made pre-workout drinks.

ErgoCaps™ is a farmer's market in a capsule — a plant-based ingredient combo that turns your body into the energy supplement. Turning on pathways that use fat stores as fuel increases exercise economy, giving you better oxygen efficiency, blood flow, and helps minimize glycogen depletion.

ErgoCaps™ effectiveness is activated by physical exercise. Take 1-2 capsules 30 min before a workout. For continued endurance, take 1-2 additional capsules during a competition or event.

Want a product that works as hard as you do? Try ErgoCaps™ today.

1 Bottle
30 Capsules

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is an ergogenic vegetable
rich in vitamins, minerals
and nitrates, for
greater oxygen efficiency
throughout training.


is one of the richest sources
of L-citrulline found in nature.
This amino acid is the
precursor to L-Arginine in
the body that promotes better blood flow.


contains phytochemicals
(Thylakoids) known to
reduce appetite and
maintain the body’s
metabolic system.


is nutrient-dense, highly bioactive, and contains building blocks for nitric oxide production.

Green Tea Extract

is a well known as a natural stimulant for it's effect on stamina and alertness.


works as a lipoxygenase inhibitor to burn fat stores as fuel, not glycogen.


is a plant extract that protects delicate cell membranes and prevents premature fatigue.