Muscle Recovery

It’s no secret that muscle is hard to gain and easily lost. Traditional amino products focus primarily on protein content but don't address the underlying problem preventing muscle growth.

Your body's natural response during a workout is to create a temporary inflammatory response. This is required for the muscle to repair and grow. BCAA’s provide the essential building blocks for recovery, but excessive calories, sugars, & chemical fillers in traditional recovery drinks keep your muscles inflamed. This continues to inhibit muscle growth causing you to lose all the gains you could've made.

Amino Bullets™ is plant-based muscle recovery that combines BCAA’s with specific fruit and vegetable compounds to help enhance the effectiveness and utilization of the protein. By feeding your muscles the right nutritents you switch your body out of breakdown mode so muscles can readily use amino acids and begin the rebuilding process.

Take 2 capsules immediately after training. Take 2 additional capsules before bed for optimal muscle protein synthesis.

1 Bottle
40 Capsules

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is a BCAA that has been
shown to promote muscular growth
and muscle protein


is a precursor to
L-Arginine in the body.
L-Arginine helps to block
degradation of healthy
muscle tissue.

N-Acetyl-L-Cystine (NAC)

is a precursor for the body’s
main antioxidant:
glutathione. This helps reduce
oxidative damage and gives
your body’s immune system a natural boost.

Tart Cherry

maintains muscle function
and promotes muscle recovery
after exercise.

Watermelon Powder

contains amino acid
precursors for L-Arginine
which improves blood flow
to muscles.


is a plant phospholipid that lowers stress hormones.