Not sleeping like you used to? New research says that you’re not alone. This large-scale rise in sleeplessness has been linked to overexposure to smartphones, tablets, and digital devices which emit a wave frequency called "blue light." Blue light creates a stress response in your body and produces enzymes to eat away your natural melatonin, preventing you from falling asleep or staying asleep. Vitamin S™ patent-pending blend of fruits, herbs, and minerals work together to help blunt your body’s stress response to this blue light exposure. With continued use, a single capsule per night can help maintain your body’s sleep cycles and reduce the stress caused by digital sleeplessness.

Try out Vitamin-S™ today and remind yourself what getting a good night's sleep feels like.

1 Bottle
30 Capsules

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Tart cherry

contain anthocyanins which
are key in decreasing
the symptoms of oxidative
stress and to prevent the
damage caused by blue light


is integral in maintaining over 300 functions in the body. It also promotes relaxation and a sense of well being.


helps protect against catabolic enzymes that keep you awake.


is a plant-based source of melatonin with anti-anxiety and relaxation benefits.


helps reduce markers of undesired oxidative stress and has been known to have antioxidant effects.


promotes the body’s own natural melatonin sources for better restful sleep.


is a plant extract known to help in the reduction of stress caused by physical and mental strain.