Executive Bios


Gus Malliarodakis / CEO

Besides being the CEO of FitPro, Gus is FitPro’s greatest evangelist, guiding the spirit and integrity of our company. He believes that health begins with healthy “real” food (FitPro Go! is made from real milk, not powdered protein like the other guys). As the father of four, Gus is supremely concerned about youth nutrition, especially for kids involved in team sports. His vision is that FitPro will become the most highly trusted healthy food company for families with active lifestyles.

In 1994 Gus was hired by Mark Mastrov to be the National Supplement Manager for 24 Hour Fitness. Prior to this, 24-Hour gyms nationwide did not sell supplements. Gus implemented the infrastructure (online ordering from shops, loss prevention, logistics and sales programs) that turned supplements into an important profit center at 24 Hour Fitness. In 1996 Gus came to Champion Nutrition and continued his push to bring healthy supplements into larger gym chains across America. He proved his worth on the operational side of the business when, in 1998 and 1999, he oversaw the modernization and reorganization of many departments within Champion Nutrition prior to Y2K, and became an integral part of Champion’s operations.

Gus has competed in bodybuilding since he was a teenager. In 2006 he earned his IFBB pro card. In 2015, at the age of 52, Gus won the IFBB Pro masters competition, while working full-time at FitPro.

Gus says that, “Today, if you want to get in shape, it’s not hard to find a good trainer and a good gym. Maintaining healthy nutrition is much harder. I believe that 80% of success in fitness is not training, but nutrition!” Gus’ unflagging enthusiasm, faith and love of all things FitPro inspires us all.

Brad Kloss / Founder

Brad didn’t just start FitPro, he started the movement that the rest of us have rallied around today – to bring health back to health food! Brad was raised on a dairy farm. When he saw the rise of ready-to-drink protein drinks that were made from dried powder he said, “Why do that? Why take healthy fresh milk and subject it to acid-washing, high-temperature drying and processes that could cause the formation of nitrosamines and other dangerous chemicals?” Brad believes that nature had a pretty good thing going with fresh milk, nature’s original protein, before the chemists came in and tried to make it better. His process for making FitPro Go! was simple: take fresh milk, and without chemistry, filter out some of the carbs (which most of us don’t need more of) and increase the protein.

Starting in 1988, Brad worked as a dairy consultant for 12 years for Divisions of Tate & Lyle and Cargill. In 2000 he started his own Independent Nutrition Consulting company and has remained active helping farmers across the US care for and nourish their animals. As an entrepreneur, Brad also has a passion for fitness. In 2001, Brad built his first full service fitness center. By 2007 he had 17 gym locations helping thousands of people towards a path of health and fitness. Fueled by his passion combine his two areas of industry expertise – dairy and fitness, in the summer of 2012, Brad launched FitPro, a natural, high protein, low carbohydrate beverage made from real milk.

Brad’s comprehensive experience in both dairy science and dairy business, gives FitPro a strong advantage as we continue to develop and promote our Real Milk solutions to better, healthier nutrition.

Mike Zumpano / COO

Few people in the nutrition field, can claim Mike’s breadth of experience and accomplishment. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Michael was instrumental in the development of the Sport’s Nutrition Industry. While still in college, Michael developed his first product, Muscle Nitro, in 1977. By 1980 Michael was working with Joe Weider, writing articles and working with professional athletes at Gold’s gym in Santa Monica/ Venice Beach. That lineup included many of the world’s top bodybuilders as well as members of the LA Lakers and Raiders. In those days, Michael was able to test and prove his ideas for performance products with professional athletes in the mission-critical world of professional competition. Armed with this knowledge, In 1983 Michael founded Champion Nutrition. Within a year Champion had a nationwide best selling product. Champion was among the first sports nutrition companies to sponsor University research on the effects of their products. Over a period spanning 25 years, Michael, with his team, developed nearly 160 products which were licensed for sale in over 50 countries. “My mission, with FitPro, is to develop the finest business infrastructure in our category, bring together the best minds in Performance Nutrition and create the ultimate, healthy performance products.”

Jeff “iron” Montgomery / Chief Brand Officer

Iron has been around Endurance Sports and Motorsports for 35 years. He has been instrumental in the careers of hundreds of athletes. Iron believes that we have not even scratched the surface of how nutrition and natural compounds can improve endurance, reaction time, coordination, recovery, and most importantly, reduce injuries. Besides his vital marketing role, Iron is championing the development of our professional performance products.

Iron began competing in motocross in the late 1970’s. In 1984 Iron transitioned to the burgeoning sport of triathlon. He liked the fact that in triathlon, unlike motocross, success was all on him. He immediately excelled. By 1987 Iron had become a professional triathlete and went on to compete in a couple hundred various endurance races. Chewing that same dirt with so many iconic athletes for so many decades created a trust and respect between that very few business people can claim.

In 1993 Iron came to Champion Nutrition to help promote a still new sports drink that he believed was the best choice for enhancing the performance of all endurance athletes... That drink was Cytomax. Iron began introducing Cytomax to the very best athletes in the world, and in 1994 Cytomax became the #1 performance drink in endurance sports, and motorsports. His work led to more National and World Championship titles than any other product. In 2004 Iron began working with CytoSport to continue his support of Cytomax as well as the positioning of other products he was in on from their infancy : Muscle Milk, Fast Twitch, Monster Milk and many others. He signed many athletes that are still part of the CytoSport lineup a decade later. He has been in on the ground floor of some of the most big-win, high value prop sports marketing sponsorships.

Every company needs that person who never gets complacent, is always on guard. Every company needs a strategist who never stops analyzing. For us, that guy is Iron.

Kevin Cruz / CIO

Kevin is a technology leader with 20 years of experience in both startup and multinational technology companies including Computer Associates, Relativity Technologies and Micro Focus. Kevin’s passion for technology began in the early 1980s when he spent endless hours typing in game code listings from the back of Compute! magazine on his Commodore VIC-20. While his initial motivation was to play the resulting games, this led to his love of coding and pursuit of computer science at Duke University and Binghamton University.

During his 15 years in enterprise software, Kevin has held leadership and technical roles in development, marketing, and consulting services. As Head of Product Management at Relativity Technologies, he brought software products to market that helped Fortune 500 companies understand and modernize their complex business applications and processes. Relativity became a market leader in enterprise modernization, which led to its acquisition by Micro Focus in 2009. While at Relativity and Micro Focus, he traveled the world helping systems integrators and customers in the financial services, healthcare and insurance industries plan and execute modernization projects to better align business strategies with IT investments. Since leaving Micro Focus in 2011, Kevin has been consulting with e-commerce start-ups building custom apps as a full-stack developer.

Throughout his career, Kevin has specialized in helping companies achieve strategic goals through technology. At FitPro, his mission is the same - to enable FitPro’s growth and success through building out a first-class business infrastructure.