REAL®Milk Protein is Better



Since 1977, the REAL® Seal has been used to differentiate REAL® dairy products made from U.S. cow's milk with imitations or substitutes. Over the years, the REAL® Seal has remained one of the most highly trusted symbols for high value dairy goods. FitPro is the first all-natural RTD protein shake to have earned the REAL® Seal.

All Liquid, Never Powder

The REAL® milk protein found in FitPro starts out as liquid – and it stays that way. We take REAL® grade-A milk from American farms and apply a gentle ultrafiltration process, removing the lactose sugars and leaving behind concentrated liquid whey and casein proteins. Other brands utilize a chemical acid wash process to isolate whey and casein protein powders, which are later reconstituted.

Cow to Bottle in 7 Days

Let’s face it – nobody wants to ingest old, heavily processed foods. Some protein brands rely on dehydrated powders from low-grade, overseas sources to keep their costs down. These powders can sit on warehouse shelves for months before they are ever packaged. At FitPro, our REAL® milk protein is obtained fresh from U.S. dairy farms, and it is packaged in recyclable, aseptic containers in less than 7 days.

Protein 101: Behind the Product

Proteins are a macronutrient comprised of linked amino acids, which are the main source of nitrogen in the body. Maintaining a proper nitrogen balance is critical for muscle growth and repair. Because our body does not produce its own protein, we must take it in through food. Athletes and active individuals need significantly more dietary protein than sedentary individuals in order to help build and repair muscles.

It is important to note that not all proteins are created equal. Different dietary proteins are ideal for different applications. Some are fast absorbing, while others take longer to digest. Each type contains different proportions of amino acids, and has varying effects on the body.

Whey + Casein = Nature’s original dynamic duo

Milk is nature’s original protein drink. It naturally contains the two most common forms of dietary protein – whey (20%) and casein (80%). Whey protein is fast absorbing and rich in the muscle-building amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Casein protein is slower to digest, and it contains high amounts of glutamine, a non-essential amino-acid that supports muscle recovery. Together, they work just as nature intended, building and repairing muscle tissue for a stronger, healthier body.

Because FitPro starts out as real milk (and stays that way), it provides nature’s perfect balance of both whey and casein proteins. Great before and after workouts or in between meals, FitPro provides your muscles with the building blocks that they need.

Farm fresh is best

Many powdered whey and casein proteins originate at foreign farms, where dairy production standards often do not match those of the United States. Further, the protein isolation process often involves a chemical acid wash, which yields chalky, stabilized powder that can last for years on a warehouse shelf.

FitPro sources its milk straight from American farms. The milk goes through a gentle ultrafiltration process to concentrate its whey and casein proteins and remove its lactose. The protein stays in a liquid form throughout, never being reduced to a powder. The entire process takes 7 days or less from cow to carton, making FitPro the natural choice for convenient, high-quality protein on the go.